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Sat 03/24/07, 9 PM @ Midway Cafe - Jamaica Plain, MA +
   "As a club owner and booker I want to warn you to be prepared to have your socks knocked off by an unknown entity.

   I've booked over 3000 bands and these guys stand out as one of the best live shows. Their presentation of their music is second to none. Be prepared to be amazed.

   With the thousands of bands that are trying to get heard, every once in a while a band stands out, even amongst the excellent. Moxie Fever is one of them."
- Dave Balerna, owner, The Midway Cafe, Boston, MA
A Long Awaited Update - 07/08/06
Well, the EP was released and the MP3s are availible on this site. 6 songs, lots of goodness.

For those of you who don't already know, Matt has left the band to pursue other musical interests. We wish him the best. As for ourselves, we're working as a 3 piece and are currently busily writing and recording new songs.

Keep checking back for updates, this is a very important time for Moxie Fever - we're writing like mad, and there are plenty of good things to come!
February brings the winter, and the new Recordings - 02/03/06
SO, we played a bunch of shows in January including one at the legendary CBGB's in New York. We are currently working on making our songs better and more plentiful. We are re-recording a couple of our songs with bigger and better parts and arrangements and soon, most likely, we will have a CD out for all y'all's enjoyment. Sit tight, it's going to get a lot more Rockin' really soon.
Vote For Moxie Fever! - 12/12/05
Hey, everyone! We had a great weekend rockin' the two sweet gigs, both awesome shows. One of these shows was the semi-finals for the battle of the bands at the rack, which again brings the online voting. Soo...

Click here to Vote for Moxie Fever!

Make sure you get all your friends do as well. It'd be flippin' sweet if we made it to the FINALS. In other news, you can catch us at the Thirsty Ear Pub in Cambridge on Dec. 17th. Also watch out for our Christmas song, which should be up later this week.