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Band Bio
Moxie Fever's music showcases distinct, memorable melodies, strong vocal harmonies, intelligent classic guitar work and above all excellent songwriting. With influences from both the present and from the classic rock era of the 60's and 70's, the band has been compared to the likes of Weezer and the Beatles, but remain distinctly Moxie Fever. Live, they put on an energetic show, winning over audiences with their catchy songs, charismatic personalities, positive attitudes and of course, strong musicianship.

     Moxie Fever does not limit themselves to one style or sound, and as a result a listener won't have the unpleasant experience of hearing a band play the same song over and over again. Their songs contain clever lyrics, crafty bridges, dynamic breakdowns, and the occasional moments of experimental insanity. The music is brought to life by Matt DiVito's unique vocal stylings, Jonn Smith's bouncy bass and incredible harmonies, Jared Egan's mind boggling guitar work, and AJ Locke's powerhouse drumming.

     Currently, Moxie Fever is building up a fan base playing shows in and around the Boston/Cambridge areas. With the help of veteran Boston rocker Joe Egan, the band is working on their debut album as well as a rock opera. Their live sets include songs from both.

     Although Moxie Fever is a fresh name on the Boston scene, the members have been playing around Boston for more than 3 years now. Matt, Jonn and Jared were in "The Futon Police," and A. J. Locke was in "Buckwild on the Rim." Both bands played many shows around Boston, and both recorded albums. All of this provided some very valuable experience to the members of Moxie Fever, learning how to put on a good show and gaining some experience in the studio. A. J. Locke is also currently playing with another local Boston band, Sidewalk Driver. Always ready to rock, Moxie Fever is energized to take on the scene and make some kick ass rock & roll.